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Comparing Alessandra Lorraine with Livia Drusilla

Started by tomsschulte, April 19, 2014, 12:02:46 PM

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Hello community,

in Chapter 5, I have to compare Alessandra Lorraine with Livia Drusilla in my smartphone.

There are 10 Points and I always have to say "Match" oder "Not Match".

Use the following System:

1. Not a match, 2. Not a match, 3. Match, 4. Match, 5. Match, 6. Match, 7. Not a match, 8. Match, 9. Match, 10. Match., 11. Match, 12. Match

If there are any questions, feel free to ask please.



It's a little unclear whether this is meant to be a request for help, or to provide help to others, but either way the list you've included here doesn't actually tell us much. The data points are listed in the order you obtained them, so without knowing which data points you're referring to we don't really have any way of knowing what you're doing.
Weldon Hathaway


ooooh. I'd never noticed that!

Now I'm going to have to compare data points from my save with those from my husband's. :) Just to see which order we each found things in.

Yeah, I find the strangest things fun.  ;D