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Bug report part 2 (after finishing the game)

Started by charmer, April 20, 2014, 05:58:31 AM

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   after finishing the game, here's an additional list of issues I found as a continuation of:


22) CONTINUITY: When you leave David in the alley and return to the hotel, Malachi still comments on the wisdom of having 2 beds. I think there should be the original line.

23) related to 10): when finishing an analysis with your final data point down the list, the GUI does not change focus to the analysis result on the top, making it even more invisible...

24) I was playing on Fastest settings for graphics, on a 1280x800 display, and with an integrated Intel HD Graphics chip. Usually, a transition between two animation sequences of a character took 4-5 seconds. However, when I wanted to collect jasmines in the garden, the animation stopped for about 20 seconds before resuming. Not sure if this is the same issue as the "teleporting" bug when screen freezes and after several seconds all animations are fast-forwarded.

25) At the Aphrodite statue, after the secret meeting, I was able to click Exit before Malachi finished talking (which is normally not possible). As a result, Malachi failed to leave the area. Second click afterwards helped though.

26) The open page of the astrology book is of very low resolution compared to other close-up documents. Also, the Cassiopeia constellation represents a queen sitting on a throne and is more often depicted in its upper culmination, resembling "W" rather than "M".

27) While standing on a mezzanine, I noticed the clickable "Gustav" tooltip even though the man itself is not visible from up there.

28) As discussed before, there is a setting for font size in the game which sadly only applies to the subtitles. Notably, after solving a person analysis puzzle, the result text is very tiny for no apparent reason as there is a plenty of free space on the screen. I'm not farsighted but that text is quite hard to read. The same is true for Project Detail pages and text messages. Even if this text is supposed to be on a phone, I cannot see how increasing the font size a little would hurt.

29) When playing with the Reichart's puzzle box but not finishing it, I found that you can continue to remove and switch pieces on it outside the focused view from the office, so it seemed interactive but you couldn't really see which piece you have hit. Fortunately, I could still zoom in on the shelf and finish the puzzle. I think the puzzle should not be clickable when not in the zoomed view though.

30) In Chapter 6, the map can't be invoked by hitting "M" in Dexter's office.

31) CONTINUITY: In Qatar, the map marker is still on DC.

32) the Space key does not work in the caves. Is it maybe intentional?

That is all for now.