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Rally for Raleigh

Started by charmer, February 23, 2014, 04:19:00 AM

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Hi everyone.

I've just learned that Raleigh Holmes, the voiceover actor of Erica Reed and the lead singer of the Scarlet Furies is in need of some pretty expensive treatment, for which her friends set up a fundraising campaign:

Please consider chipping in.

Jack Stryker

I could hardly call myself a Cognition fan, or even a human being, if I didn't donate to this cause.  Especially after all the great music and voice acting she's done for us.  Not to mention the fact that I know what it's like to lose a member of your team.  (

Hang in there, Raleigh.  I know you'll make it.

Jack Stryker

Well, its reached the deadline and they made just $230 short of the halfway point.  :-[ 


It is unfortunate more wasn't raised, but I'm sure that what was raised will be a huge, huge help for Raleigh.

Katie Hallahan
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I was really surprised that this campaign raised so much in the early days and then nearly nothing afterwards. ??? As Katie says, though, I'm sure that what was raised will be a great help. I'm sure Raleigh is very appreciative!

Steve Abbott | Beta Tester | The Silver Lining


I too think that 42k will be a huge help.

The attached invitation just appeared on FB. I'm nowhere near the location so I'm at least passing it along.