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Just finished Cognition

Started by stgeorge78, May 06, 2014, 03:54:49 PM

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Well, first off - how did I find this game? It was because of the Star Wars sale going on in Steam and then I saw an ad for Moebius and Jane Jensen's name so I bought that. And that lead me to Cognition and it seemed like an alright game, so I threw it on the cart also...

Holy cow was I glad I did. I've played it pretty much non-stop over the weekend (along Moebius) but I was absolutely gripped by Cognition. The story was so strong and made me want to know more and more. Erica Reed's voice acting was superb and the twists and turns of the story left me speechless at times. I really enjoyed the structure of the game where you'd get new powers each episode, though I was disappointed at the shortness of Episode 4. I can't decide whether Episode 2 or 3 were my favorites, I liked them for different reasons. Episode 2 was probably the strongest adventure game I've played since GK2 while Episode 3 harkened to the early LucasArts style of games where you switch between multiple characters to solve puzzles.

I know you guys are busy with a bunch of new projects, but I hope Cognition Season 2 doesn't get forgotten. It feels like exciting times for you guys, similar to the early days of Sierra when they were putting out exciting new titles every few months.

Keep up the great work.