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Cognition Sequel sort of announced

Started by stgeorge78, May 27, 2014, 02:09:15 PM

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If you read the top news post on the main page, there is a reference to the next Cognition game - more info coming in a few months.



Technically, nothing in that post says it's a new game (or a game at all for that matter). I'd use a Suffer here, except I don't know what it is, either (though I have a suspicion). :P

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I'm not really interested in Cognition anymore, honestly.

Quote from: GrahamRocks! on May 27, 2014, 05:21:05 PM
*claps like a seal*


But other people can still like it, I suppose.
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Awesome!  I hope Raleigh will be well enough for it.  And if there's a voice acting audition, I hope I can arrange to make it this time.


Wasn't her kickstarter a failure? I remember reading that Rally for Raleigh made less than half of its goal. And if I understand my kickstarters correctly, they're an all-or-nothing deal. Even if Raleigh's campaign raised a lot of money initially, she doesn't get any money at all since the kickstarter fell far short of its goal.
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Jack Stryker

Actually, it wasn't on Kickstarter, it was on  And in her latest update video, she said that she was able to pay some bills, thanks to the donations she received.  Plus, there were people raising money for her outside of that fundraiser, with bake sales and stuff.

So yeah, I'm pretty sure she did get to keep the money she raised.



And yes, Raleigh's wasn't on Kickstarter, and she did get to keep whatever was raised.

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