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Started by calvery, September 09, 2014, 04:04:38 PM

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Is it possible we will see others in the series have a remake?


I'd guess it's possible but it's kind of hard to see the demand for remakes of GK2 and GK3 versus another game in the series.  And both of those games I would see being a lot more challenging than GK1 to remake.


I'd just be happy with a GK4 and closure to Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned.   ;D


Blood of the Sacred is the only game in the series that I've never been able to play.  I couldn't get it to play on my old system because my system couldn't handle it.  Now I have a new computer with a Windows 8 OS and I can't get it to play on that.  I've tried every suggest given in every help forum I can find.  I'd like to see a remake just so that I can finally play it.


Jane has said in interviews that she'd rather do a GK4. Also, I think the actors in GK2 bring it a charm of its own.

The GOG version of GK3 should run on a modern Windows system without problems. Getting an original CD version to run may be harder, I guess.


GK3 would a makeover would be nice as well. Early 3D ages worse than 2D actually.

Anyways please do a GK4. Do crowd funding if necessary. I'd rather spend €100 on a new GK game, than buying most what's available these days