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For those of us who pre-ordered...

Started by AlexTiger, October 15, 2014, 10:39:00 AM

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How do I use my steam key? There's no link in the email, nor do I see anything anywhere else? How do I download this game?


Did you order it through the Phoenix Online store or Steam?  I got a Steam key too even though I bought the game through this site.  If you bought it through this site you should have gotten another email telling you your purchase has been updated and it should link back to the screen where you were able to download all the music and stuff that came with the pre-order.  In there is a link to GK1 for PC and a link for Mac.


I downloaded the game from this site (which I pre-ordered) but I can't open the file.  It asks me what program to open it up with...I'm confused. ???


You just need to rename the file you downloaded by adding .exe to the end of the file name. Then it'll work.


Make sure you add the .exe at the end of the file before downloading and not change it after it downloads.  I changed it after the download and it didn't work.  It does work if you add the dot exe before downloading.


Thanks guys. I ordered it through Phoenix. I don't know why they sent me that. All it did was confuse me for the better part of an afternoon. I appreciate the help! :)


For some reason, Internet Explorer sometimes strips out the .exe extension -- we're not sure why and there's not anything we can do about it, unfortunately, but we have added that note into the confirmation email now so people can be aware of it.

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