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Dialog sync error

Started by titiyoyo, October 26, 2014, 03:21:41 AM

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So first things first: I got the game on Steam and it's been updated with the last patch

I loose sync between the voice and the subtitles every time I click to skip a phrase in a dialog anywhere in the game.
Voices of the characters also get mixed up as they end up speaking at the same time...
This is really annoying ! Please fix this !

And generally the game is asking a LOT of CPU for small tasks. Here Gabriel is at St Georges bookshop doing nothing and CPU load is around 30% and everything is slow... I didn't think there would be a framerate issue on a half 3D game, even on a low power graphic card like mine (with which I can play a demanding game like Batman Arkham City at medium/high detail level with an acceptable framerate by the way).
It really looks like poor programming to me, I'm sorry to say.
And for a quite high price too when you look at it !

-> What kind of CPU/Processor you are using in your computer.
intel i5

-> Amount of physical RAM you have installed on your computer.
10 GB

-> What kind of Video Card you have installed in your computer (manufacturer, card model name).
intel HD 4000

-> Operating System you are using.
mac os Yosemite