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Started by Dehumanizer, October 19, 2014, 08:55:47 AM

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When you get Franks to take a picture of you and Mosely, the subtitles say "redy" instead of "ready". This is after the first patch, BTW.


When Sam wins the chess game, Markus calls him "Sam Singleton", when his last name is "Springleton" in both the newspaper ad and according to the bartender.


Sorry, Dehumanizer, our editor couldn't see any sign of the word "redy" in our convo text.  And I haven't seen it myself either.  If you're sure you saw it, it can be a display bug instead.  Please replay and send a screenshot, if you'd like it investigated further.

(This is important for all bug reports actually.  A screenshot and a save can add a lot of detail and info to help in investigating your bug.)

As to Singleton/Springleton, it is indeed a goof by the voice recorders.  Narrator says "Springleton", Markus says "Singleton"  I won't go so far as to "caaalll the whole thing off" but a fix for this would most likely mean losing a voice actor line since we can't get the lines re-recorded.  This may mean we won't end up changing anything due to needing to maintain the integrity of the other lines associated.  I'll bring it up with the developers next meeting and we can see if there's a clean way to do it without making the game suffer.

Thanks for the input!


OK, about the "redy" thing, I might have been wrong; the line (and subtitle) is very fast, so I may have thought I noticed a letter missing, when it was correct. I'll try to replay it again, later.

About the Singleton / Springleton issue, I think that changing just the subtitle (and leaving the voice) makes the discrepancy harder to notice, but that may be just me.

Thanks for the reply, by the way.


Ah, found a real one. A very minor one, but still. :)

"the Gedde's tribal power" should be "the Geddes' tribal power".


Two minor typos in french translations:
- at Lake Pontchartrain, the clay is translated by "banque", which means "bank" in French... this is probably not what we want  ;D ;
- in all dialogues menus, the "Chat" option is not translated. As "chat" is the french word for "cat", it's a little weird.


Thanks, Dehumanizer, subtitle edited and will be in next version.

Pingouache, French translation was done by someone else outside the core team.  (Probably got distracted by clay deposits. ;p)
But I do know the translator was made aware of "Chat".  I'll check on progress next meeting we have so that can be followed up on.  Thanks!