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Player Alert! Save bug in Africa to be fixed next patch

Started by Chrury, October 21, 2014, 12:15:33 AM

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Hey guys, nothing to panic about. Just a save killing bug you should be aware of.

When you get to Africa and enter the [spoiler]Snake Mound[/spoiler], do NOT, save in room 7 or room 12. Any other room is safe for saving.

Saving in Room 7 (identified by the large stone face and a tile already stuck in its frame) will break your save. On loading, the game will never stop being busy and you'll have to force quit to exit.

Saving in Room 12 (which has the 12 snake tile already stuck in the wall) won't logically break the game but[spoiler] tiles you have placed in slots on the wall will be mysteriously on the ground again (I blame the zombies) and won't respond to clicks. You'll have to pick them up out of the empty slots to restore their position.[/spoiler] While it made me laugh seeing it, that's probably not the kind of easter-egg you as a player would want to find.

Both issues have been fixed and tested on our side and will be addressed in the next patch.
I apologise for the inconvenience.