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Stuck on Day 2

Started by Nigara, October 20, 2014, 10:45:12 AM

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Hey there,

I'm not sure, if it's really a technical bug, but I don't know, wehre to post else: I'm stuck at the end of day 2. I have 85 points and checked every place several times, but I can't ask Grace to find the Adress of
Madame Cazaunoux's adress. I can't talk anymore to the characters and have tried everything, but the day won't end.

Have I missed something or is it a bug?
Thanks for your help.


At the end of day 2 I've had 87. Possibly you have to [spoiler]talk to Grace once more to ask for Mme Casaunoux address[/spoiler]


I have exactly the same problem. I finished the day, I just have to ask for reseach. But I cannot ask for any research.


Hey guys, it sounds like you're facing the known autosave bug. Read more details in this thread: LINK. This bug has been addressed in the Steam version but other builds may still be affected.

If you want to keep your progress to be completely your own, your safest bet is to go back to a save before you ran into Caz. Otherwise, there are saves in that thread that will work to end the day. Manual saving and loading is the safest way to play.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


The game did not do a good job communicating that "Continue" will load a hidden auto save file instead of your most recent manual save like you would expect most games to do. Since there is no visible auto save file to the player, it is reasonable to assume that the Continue button is loading their own save files.


We have in that last patch renamed it "Continue From Checkpoint" which indicates the game is autosaved.

If you have further questions on Continue, best move it to another topic.  This is devoted to the end of Day 2 issue Nigara asked for help on which Chury answered.  Thanks!