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Is there an update to the 20th anniversary Edition of Gabriel Knight I?

Started by mrbill, October 23, 2014, 09:29:36 AM

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Is it true that between the 16th of October when I downloaded The 20th Anniversary Edition of Gabriel Knight I and the 19th of October a new updated version of this 20th Anniversary Edition has come out.  I received an email fron Phoenix Online about the new updated version on the 19th, just 3 days after downloading it?

I want to be sure it is truly the word from Phoenix Online and not a pfishing email.  Spending another 2.5 hours downloading it is rough for me.  What are the change sif ther is truly an updated version?

Thank you,



Yes, there has been an update. look at the

    POStudios Forum »
    Tech Support »
    Gabriel Knight - 20th Anniversary Tech Support

for further information.