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Mac version of The Silver Lining

Started by SilverBall10, November 07, 2011, 11:00:43 AM

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I've read somewhere in the forum that a port to Mac is in the works.
How far has it gone now?
That would be fantastic, a Mac version of The Silver Lining.



I've been testing the mac version for awhile. We've got some bugs and kinks to work out before we can release it. Right now, we don't have any time-frame on a release, but with only one tester (me), it makes things slow. Rest assured that we are working on it and we'll be sure to let everyone know once it's ready for release! You can always try running the windows version in Wine, but it's a less than ideal solution. The mac-native version just isn't ready for public consumption yet.
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Any update to the Mac version of Silver Lining?


Nothing really at the moment, our programming focus has been shifted to TSL Episode 5 and Cognition. I am still getting people reporting that they're able to play TSL on a Mac following the instructions in this thread though:
Weldon Hathaway


So...still no Mac version? I just discovered this and want to play! I'm trying to run it using Wine and it's incredibly slow. I guess there is some nostalgia in that though, lol. Anyone still reading this?



Yeah, there's no official solution to playing TSL on a mac; Wine or bootcamp are your only solutions right now. To be quite honest with you, I don't think a mac build for episodes 1-4 will ever come out simply because it's all done on a volunteer basis. Phoenix has all but moved on to commercial games and that means that volunteer stuff like TSL is being left behind. Episode 5 may yet come out, but a mac build for any of the episodes is probably unlikely at this point. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that's the way things appear to be right now.
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I just want to clarify about Episode 5: As I've summed up in detail here, Episode 5 is very much alive nad being worked on.

Though we love Chris and his years of support, he's not actually on the team at this point, so his info is a little outdated. ;)

Episode 5 will have a Mac port, but as for Episode 1-4, unfortunately, the Mac port is highly unlikely to happen. The engine they were built is old, outdated, no longer supported by the people who made it, and we have no one on the team familiar enough with both it and Macs to make those ports. We're putting our focus on getting Episode 5 done (as well as our other projects, but as explained in the post I linked to above, those are different teams) instead.

A lot of people have been able to play it on their Macs using the suggestions given in the thread that Weldon (wilco) linked to in his post above, though.

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Thanks for the clarification, Katie. Glad to know Episode 5 is still in development. Yeah, I should have clarified that my info was pretty outdated. Nice to hear something official on this. Keep up the good work, guys :)
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