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Common Day 4 Roadblock

Started by wayens, October 25, 2014, 01:50:07 PM

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Been getting many questions on why someone can't end day 4.

About all of those reports were due not to a bug but to players not getting a key item: [spoiler]the voodooienne flyer from the museum shrine[/spoiler]

So putting a sticky here for easy access.

Remember, we do have a hint book, and for most days there is a checklist hint that would help you reference and figure out what actions you still need to do.

Just click on the lower left journal icon and then click the Hints tab.
The checklist hint will be the one that says something like "What do I need to do for day x?"
Click the eye under that hint header twice (waiting 20 seconds for it to become clickable a second time) to reveal the full list.

Hope that helps you shadow hunters out there!  Enjoy the rest of the game! :)


You could work on your hint book a little bit. I think Day 4 is the day you have to call Wolfgang. The hint book will tell you that you have to call him, but Gabe refuses to, and it doesn't explain how, or what you need to do to convince Gabe to call him. It makes no mention of the clock puzzle or how to solve it (the solution is incredibly obscure compared to most puzzle solutions in this game) which is a prerequisite before you can call Wolfgang.


Hi, lostn,

I've taken a look to be sure of the points you mentioned and it looks like your comments were mainly based on the checklist.

The checklist hint is not the only hint type in the hint book and is meant to be a list of reminders in more or less chronological order (which is how Wolfgang will be unlocked) but not step-by-step.
Other more specific hints, including the clock hint (which I have a screenshot if you'd like it sent to you), are given while you play through the day.

The game itself and the journal will also help remind players what they may need to do.
[spoiler]Like for Wolfgang number, the phone would trigger a reminder that 011 is needed as a prefix for international calls.
Getting Wolfgang message would also trigger a journal entry in which Gabriel thinks talking to Gran may help trace his family tree.[/spoiler]

Hope that helps clarify!

If you have more comments on the hint book itself please post in a separate topic, and we'll be happy to investigate further for you.  Thanks!


I still cannot open the clock!  I figured it might have to do with the names of his relatives in the graveyard.  But this puzzle to really hard.  The hint book doesn't help here.  Would you provide a spoiler for this?



Hi, KQFanatic!

You may be looking at the wrong hint.
Level 1 and 2 together of "How do I open this antique clock?" tells you exactly how to do it.


I know that this thread is now almost 5 years old. Anyway I discovered the iPad version of GK1 only recently. Having played the original in 1993, when it came out, naturally I have forgotten everything. So I was equally stuck in day 4. I was not able to solve the clock puzzle. So I researched and found this conversation. The reason I'm writing now is that I searched thoroughly in the hint book, but I COULDN'T FIND A HINT ABOUT THE CLOCK IN THE HINT BOOK. Maybe you guys could check this, maybe it's only missing in the iPad version. I then found a nice walkthrough on the web that helped me end day 4. Thanks a lot for the iPad version. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE GK2 ON THE IPAD!