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Finding the entrance to the hounfour

Started by Dehumanizer, October 26, 2014, 05:01:26 AM

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No, this is not a request for help, I know perfectly well where it is. :) The thing is, in the remake, how are we supposed to find out that it's [spoiler]in one of the confessionals, which servers as an elevator, activated by the snake rod?[/spoiler]

In the original (and in Jane's novelization as well), Gabriel discovers it because [spoiler]he notices that the person leaving the confessional is not the same person he saw entering it moments ago. But in the remake you don't see anyone entering or leaving the confessional. How are we supposed to find the entrance? Is it just because you noticed that Jackson Square is a "wheel within a wheel", so you'd check the square and everything near it, which mostly means the cathedral, and you'd have to check every nook and cranny?[/spoiler] Or did I miss something else?