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Savegames path

Started by Ricardo, December 12, 2014, 07:21:50 AM

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Hi guys...

I bought GK1 20th Anniversary Edition by GOG, DRM free for MAC some weeks ago, but there´s a bug in the Day 5, because Mosely won't take Hartridge's notes, nor the veve... I have readed here that some people have the same problem.

I have the savegames downloaded from this link ( trying to skip this problem, but there is NOTHING in this path, ( Users/(macusername)/Library/Cache/Phoenix Online Studios/GK ), does not exists "Cache", or something about GK1, Phoenix... NOTHING. I have searched all (.sav) files ( without hidden files option of course), but NOTHING.

¿ Where is the path for the save games ?

I use OSX 10.9.5

Thanks !


Are you saying that entire path exists but the folder is empty, or that you just can't find that folder?
Weldon Hathaway



No. The path doesn´t exists (or I can´t find it).


It may be that your system is tucking them elsewhere. Run the game and then just save anywhere, then exit and open the log file to look at the very end and see what path it's putting the files in. The log file can be found here:

Weldon Hathaway


Thank you.
This is the log screen, buy I CAN´T find the path.