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Confused about Thievery and blys.

Started by GrahamRocks!, February 13, 2015, 02:09:53 PM

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Okay, I'm a little confused here. I just robbed Rayford's house and according to the walkthrough I'm following, I got a Great Sword and 500 blythos. Except, I just checked my bag and I only have 132 which was what I had at the start. I also robbed Mr. QFG Reference over  at the Salty Dog in Tyr, and apparently got 738 blys from him! And yet, nothing in my cash changed there either! What gives!? Is this a glitch or did I do things in the wrong order or what?

Edit: Also, how do I get the chest open in the house by the Smith's without waking everybody up? The crowbar gets me the message, "Oh, that was loud! This thing isn't coming open quietly without some help." so I, my limited knowledge of how the Thief works in QFG, think "Oh! Oil! I have Snake Oil with me right here!" Nope. That doesn't do anything either. Is it possible to leave and come back to houses you've robbed because I most likely need  oil of some sort for those hinges.


Umm.. I'm actually not sure myself o.O


Well, my walkthrough lied about Rayford, at least. It's only 130 blythos according to the text box, not 500. As for the Oil... turned out I needed regular Oil, not Snake Oil. I wonder what Snake Oil does, then?

Still confused about Mr. QFG Reference though. Maybe it's because I wasn't considered a Rogue yet.

Actually, I haven't gotten the Expert Thief achievement either despite raiding all four houses AND cracked the Safe in the Bank! ...Unless... there IS an ATM that requires a PIN that I can look at, PLUS I got a Bank Key from that one fellow which doesn't seem to do anything there... hmmm...