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GK (Mac version from GoG) keeps crashing when I try to start the game!

Started by jon_wachter, February 10, 2015, 04:12:02 PM

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Hey so this might be a common question but I was wondering if anyone knows what to do about Gabriel Knight crashing and the screen just going black whenever you try to start the game on Mac. It's odd because the fist time I played it it was fine but the 2nd time it just crashed when I tried to open the game and since then I have not been able to play it. Got a macbook pro from 2010. Like I said though, at first it worked great but then after that every time I tried to start the game it crashed.


Hi there, can you try following these instructions?

Make the binary within the application directory executable.
Open the Terminal application and type:
chmod 755 "/Applications/Moebius/Contents/MacOS/Moebius" (or whichever path you installed it on)
It should then run on double click, as expected.