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Started by satla, April 16, 2015, 05:05:01 PM

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i bought this game last week and when i start playing i cant move the avatar nor pointing anywere with the mouse its not stuck its doesnt have anywthing p[ointinhg to.
when i downloaded the my antivirus fount 50 threats and my computer blocked it saying its contain adwere
what can i do
why isnt there a normal setup fifle for installation?


Hi there, what store did you buy the game from?


this is the mail i got from you guys with the instalation link.

Hi sivan,

Thanks for purchasing Supreme League of Patriots Season Pass from Phoenix Online! Your transaction ID is 17468 and your payment has now cleared.

IMPORTANT: If you are using Internet Explorer and downloading a PC installer, please follow these instructions if you are having trouble opening the file. Note that this does not apply to zip or rar files:
1. Right click on the downloaded file in Windows Explorer
2. Choose rename
3. Add .exe to the end of the filename and hit enter

You can download your purchase from [redacted link]  This link may be used up to 10 times before it expires.

Phoenix Online Studios




I'm the developer of Supreme League of Patriots. I don't work for the publisher, so I can't directly explain how they distribute the game. My guess is that they're distributing a zip because the game does not need to be installed to a particular folder and does not store anything in the registry.

When you buy directly from Phoenix, you can email them asking for a Steam key. If you would prefer to have everything installed for you automatically then I would imagine that using the Steam key would be the easiest way of dealing with that.

All of the files were scanned thoroughly with the best antivirus software. If you do not wish to use Steam, then you will probably need to disable your antivirus before unzipping the game. You may need to configure your antivirus to ignore the game.
Developer - Supreme League of Patriots


To clarify, you can email us at support (at) if you'd like to get a Steam key to get around the issue you're having.
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evem if i disable my anti virus the game stuck the avatar doesmnt move and cand do nothing.
how can u resolve it?