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Normal: Skipping text restarts particle effects and animations

Started by fdmsaraiva, April 02, 2015, 06:40:39 AM

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Hey there,

I already posted this on Pinkerton Road's forum at but since there's no clear info either here or there regarding which is the preferred forum for posting bug reports, here it goes again:

OS: Win7
Graphics: Radeon 5850
Game version: Steam
Resolution: 1680x1050, full-screen
Quality setting: Tried both Fastest & Fantastic

Elements animated over the 2D backgrounds, meaning 3D character loops and particle effects such as mist, candle smoke, light shafts, etc, all restart simultaneously when you click to advance text. This makes the scene shift in a distracting unpleasant way.

Although it is nearly ubiquitous, the issue does not occur in all hotspots. For instance in Gabriel's bedroom, the Fridge hotspot does not produce the issue.

Here's a short video showing the issue: