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Swamp and Diary

Started by colin, April 17, 2015, 05:51:25 PM

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Help I can't find Kyser Wood in the swamp. Also I have Jeremy Hummers diary but can't show it to Jarrett Hummer.
Can anyone please help me.


I believe you need an axe to chop off the wood first.


Thank you for your help.
Now I have to defeat Edmond in Tyr. I have spoken to Junior Mills and now I have to find some guy loitering. I have
searched all over Tyr and cannot find him. Please help me?


 :DHI~ how do I get to the Hummel house ruins??  I need to find the diary?  is it in the chimmy with the wasps?? thanks so much~


oh yea How can you earn lots of Blys?? Thanks again  ;D


Go down to Tyr and work at the docks. That oughta net you 100 or so. It takes all day though.


THANKS!!!!!  do you know how to getto the house where the diary is??