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Day 7 crash

Started by bishopcruz, August 03, 2015, 02:46:38 PM

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OK, I am at Day 7, and have gotten Mosley's wallet, however when I click on the magnifying class and then click on the wallet, the game goes: "Inside Mosley's Wallet You Find" and then hard crashes. I get a line that GK1.exe has stopped working, I tried entering and exiting the inventory beforehand as it mentioned in the FAQ but that does nothing.

I'm using Windows 10.


Hi, bishopcruz, sorry to hear about your issue and thanks for posting about it.

Windows 10 is an OS we haven't been able to test on before the OS's release so right now it's not officially supported.
We are going to release an update to our PC version that upgrades our engine to Unity 5 which may work better with Windows 10.
We'll keep everyone posted on that.

In the meantime, since you had made it to Day 7 with no issue, maybe try reloading the game before the wallet and try again, in case it's more a glitch of the moment or a memory issue that a new instance of the game may help remedy.
Also, if one room doesn't work, maybe try opening the wallet while on the map, since that's the least memory-intensive screen.  Let us know how it goes, thanks!


Well, trying from a previous save didn't work. But the map thing did. Thanks for that. Hadn't had any issues with the game in Windows 10 before this, but at least I have the card.


Nice, glad you got through!

And that does give a clue that it might be memory-related.  We'll see.  Thanks!