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Another Source of Hints

Started by wayens, August 10, 2015, 08:55:57 PM

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Hi, all,

First, thank you for playing Quest for Infamy!  Along with Infamous Quests, we are proud to be part of the game.
For this Hints forum, we realize that some of your requests for hints have not been answered amongst yourselves or by us at Phoenix Online.
As publisher, we do apologize that we are not the "horse's mouth" as it were. ;)
So if you do have questions that can't be answered here, please refer to the Infamous Quests forums' Quest for Infamy section.  I myself just double checked that the creators of Roehm's adventures are still very active on there. :)

Do please continue to enjoy your time here AND get the ear of the creators over there.

As a rogue, why not have the best of both worlds, right? ;)

Good fortune to you!

Wayne Sung
QA Lead
Phoenix Online Studios