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Strange chats in the night...

Started by ShinyKnight, August 04, 2004, 05:12:03 AM

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I think the irrational obsession some people have had with Twilight has made people have an irrational dislike of it. :P It's not great; it may not even be good, and Stephenie Meyer is almost positively disturbed, but it's not HORRIFICALLY BAD. :P

I like Twilight; I greatly enjoyed reading the books. I'm also aware that Edward Cullen is a fictional character, and don't spend my days stalking silver Volvos. :P Twilight isn't meant to be a profound piece of literature. It's meant to be a romance novel.

..Of course, I was obsessed with Harry Potter for about 5 years of my life, so there's the comparison.  XD
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Hey, I'm STILL obsessed with Harry least obsessed ebough to get a Golden Snitch tattooed on my hip.  ;D  Harry is my man.  I will always love Harry Potter and, by God, my future generations will love the books too!

That being said, I'd like to go ahead and agree with Rosella that Twilight was not that bad.  In fact, I really liked the books.  (I absolutely flat-out REFUSE to see the movies.)  But bear in mind, PK, that the intended audience was for females, ages 12 and up--junior-high school girls and college freshmen.  Plus, do you really expect a vampire love story to win the Pulitzer Prize?  No.  I'm a Twilight book fan, but even I am not that deluded.  Twilight is nothing to Harry Potter because it doesn't even rank on the same scale!  I consider it a guilty pleasure--I wouldn't even admit that I read them for almost six months!

But, like every other fad, this will die down and people will be less scary about it.  Not everyone, of course; to some people, Twilight is my Harry Potter and are tattooing "Edward and Bella" on their backs.  ::)  But whatever.  I have a broad taste in literature, so I don't believe that all girls who read Twilight are insulting Harry.
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Yeah I just don't like people who jump all over things because they're fads, and I don't think anyone here fits under that.
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I remember reading the first few chapters of one book with Jafar and copying and pasting particularly horrible passages. :P She's very cruel to gemstones, describes everything as "smoldering" and overuses the word "erratic". ;P Also, she doesn't like adverbs, so I find it morally reprehensible of any of you, especially Kelsey, to defend her. :(
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