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Episode 3 not playing audio

Started by gabbiwithani, November 28, 2015, 10:53:54 AM

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I bought this game yesterday on Steam and played through the first two chapters with no problems. However, when I went to launch the third, I noticed the title screen had no sound, and the game didn't either. I relaunched it about five times, and on the fifth time, the sound worked, but cut out when I was talking to McAdams about five to ten minutes into the game. The subtitles are also kind of sketchy, and are only showing up sometimes when I click on things, but I know Erica is still talking because I can't click on anything else and also her mouth is moving. I'm running Windows 10 and before this haven't really had any problems, and it's only happening with this game - I have launched some others and they're playing sound just fine. Thanks!