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TSL Episode 3 Help

Started by jen, December 16, 2015, 02:20:22 PM

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I'm playing the game, working on a video walkthrough, and got to where Graham enters Valanice's dream/nightmare in the tower world. After Valanice cries out and the shadow appears, the game crashed. I had saved, but my save is nowhere to be found.
I checked in the game folder (where there's a save subfolder and it's empty) as well as in the folders and in the My Documents, all nothing.

Does anyone have a save around there that they could send me so I wouldn't have to start fresh, as I've been on this ep for 2 hours?


I'm sorry to hear you've lost progress! That sucks no matter what game you're playing.

Here, try one of mine. It might not be exactly where you left off but they're all close. BeforeNightmare is before you pickup Valanice's crown thingy to enter the nightmare, Tower Sequence is halfway through, and AfterTower is immediately leaving the nightmare.

Just stick one of those (or all three) in that saves subfolder you found. Hopefully this'll get you through the rest of it ok.