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TSL - The Old Days - Art and Screenshots

Started by Rock Knight, July 19, 2015, 02:35:59 PM

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Rock Knight

Anyone remember this stuff, from the early eras of TSL's development?:


*visibly recoils at Graham's concept art* !!!! O_o


God, Shadrack looks so stupid without his hood on. If he removes it in episode 5, I really hope a massive redesign was in order because in that concept art he looks like the result of a genetic experiment involving Count Olaf and the Grinch.
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I remember all those!!  ;D I remember they were modeling Graham after Harrison Ford. Fine by me!! My husband and I have an arrangement about Mr. Ford.  :smitten: He knows I always loved him first.
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Perpetually. ;D
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It's always nice to reminisce about the olden days...  I remember for a long time, I still used the domain to get to the forums...  Even now I still come by from! :rofl:
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