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need help with the download

Started by charliebirds, January 02, 2016, 09:35:08 AM

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i downloaded episode 1-4 but when i play the game it only gives me episode 1, where are episodes 3-4

thank you


Can you post a screenshot of what you described?  Is it a menu display or a gameplay issue, for instance?


i can play the first episode  but then i don't know how to get to the second, i don't think i can do a screenshot


Assuming the version you downloaded is the same as mine, you should only have to click "Play" on the main menu. This will bring up the chapter select menu so you can pick any of the four chapters available.

If those options aren't there, here are a few more questions: Have you finished Episode 1? Where did you download TSL and when? Is your "The Silver Lining" Folder smaller than 2.3 GB?