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GK4 ?

Started by flaot, January 29, 2016, 06:23:48 PM

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Just finished GK Anniversary, and wish to ask if there are plans to continue the series. I believe such a brilliant game with such a powerful story deserves to be a long-lasting sequel, even it were to be made by other people.

Yes, I'm a long-standing fan. Played GK1 in 1996 (albeit with a walkthrough) and was totally mesmerized by the story. I've not played a better game in all those years. GK1 in gaming is like Kubrick in films. unsurpassed.


Hello flaot! Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Unfortunately, right now there are no plans for remaking the other GKs or for making a 4th game, but if any of them ever got the greenlight, we'd be very eager to be involved!

Katie Hallahan
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Nice meeting you again, Katie!
You stopped replying to the posts at October-November, and then I saw in your tweeter that you had a pretty baby. Congratulations!!  :D And happy new year!

The remake is better than the original by Sierra: better graphics, better interface, easier, same story, hint system, extras (sketches, interviews, ...), journal, funny new location (Gabriel as priest in the confessional  :rofl: ), 1 Easter egg hidden (still not found!), ...

I hoped for GK4 with the same engine of GK20th. So, I'm sad about no plans for GK4, but I'll let it be, because I'm sure you are a lot sadder.
Come on, cheer up! Enjoy with your baby, Cognition 2 & TSL Ep5!!
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I absolutely love your work! The remake was fantastic and superior in every way to the original with the exception of Tim Curry. He's genius and reappears to voice act the 3rd game. I must say playing 2 and 3 were very cringe worthy compared to how amazing the 1st is as a point and click adventure. I'd really love to see you guys use the exact engine you've done the anniversary of 1 in for the 2 sequels! It's disheartening that there wasn't a plan on it but your artwork and collaboration Jane was so amazingly successful in my opinion I believe strongly that you guys would rock a kickstarter to remake 2 and 3! Just my 2 cents.
Absolutely love your work! Can't wait for cognition on Android (which I find I play on more often for point and click games)!