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I created a script for a constructed language for the Green Isles

Started by I_am_so_nifty, December 15, 2017, 03:02:34 PM

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Hey all. Twenty-something King's Quest fan here, grew up on the series, active on these forums around the second revival effort and first few episodes. I'm in college now and a linguistics major. I'd taken a previous class where I created a non KQ-related constructed language (like, a language created for a fictional word--think Klingon or Elvish or Na'vi). I knew that after my first I would want to tackle a language for the Green Isles after getting a hang of the art, and that's exactly what I've done (or, started to do).

Since the Isle of the Crown is the seat of power and based however loosely on Arabian Nights, and since I love the language in general, I knew that I wanted the language to be heavily Arabic-based. But the Green Isles in its fantasy mish-mash of settings and cultures provided me other influences too. I took some Celtic inspiration from the Druids, and French from the Isle of the Beast. (I'm headcanoning that his servants weren't transformed and came to live on the Isle of the Crown and influence the language--why is almost everyone on the Isle of the Crown so white, anyway?)

I'm still not *quite* sure in what ways the Isle of Wonder will play a part (although I did get to take an entire linguistics course on Alice in Wonderland), but I settled on Greek influence for the Winged Ones. I went back and forth between Greek and Roman, but having ties with the Icarus and Minotaur myths they seemed more Greek to me. I call the language as a whole 'Agramīja, or basically, 'Greenish', although I like 'Greenspeech'.

My project for the class was to create a writing system. Technically it was to adapt an existing one to an existing language, but my professor loves conlanging and let me just go for it. I wanted to avoid the Greco-Roman alphabets so indicative of Europe but create something with some of the general aesthetic. Also, as fun as the copyright-protection direct-English-cipher Ancient Ones' alphabet is, I wanted to create something... else.

The Greeks had a script we now call Linear B that they used before Phoenician influence led to the Greek alphabet we know today. It was a syllabic system, like Japanese or Chinese. Linear B was based on an earlier undeciphered script in a fashion not dissimilar to the Ancient One's in game. I simplified some letter forms and changed some of the conventions to make it work for Greenspeech.


You can check out a cool script I made for the Winged Ones here. You can skip to page 6 if it's a bit dense and you just wanna get a feel for the letters. If you wanna see anything written out in it feel free to ask. I'll probably write down a bunch of Isle and character names once I decide on how to work them, and I think I'm going to use it to devise my own Cliffs of Logic.
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I just wanted to reply to this - it seems genuinely interesting!  But I would need to put some time into reading it.  Great idea to look further into the lore of King's Quest, I'll be intrigued if anything further comes from this, like your Cliffs of Logic :)
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