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Patch 1.1.8 is up!

Started by wayens, June 28, 2016, 05:59:48 PM

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Hail, all ye burgeoning knights of Remington!

Tick's Tales has been updated with some big fixes, including making the safe puzzle accessible for the hearing impaired!

* Fixed issue that sometimes had save operation fail and crash the game.
* Fixed issue with number of mints eaten being reset.
* Added a musical note display to make safe puzzle more visually accessible.
* Added more dialogue on looking through Gandarf's window.
* Added an inventory item for reference for the safe puzzle.
* Added a few more hints on cat.
* Fixed Tick's position and limited his interactions on ladder to prevent animation and logic issues.
* Hotspot adjustments to improve access to the sheep and bull.
* Added more look and ingredient reactions when trying to make a potion.
* Fixed "sheey's milk" typo.
* Drinking a potion outside jailhouse now won't send you to jail.

And we all want to stay out of jail, don't we?  Tick!

Well, we leave it to you, young masters, to brave this new world.
Good fortune to you!

- The Council of Remington