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Can't compete day 4

Started by Steph, May 15, 2016, 03:50:00 PM

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Hi I'm stuck on day 4. I've done everything that I believe that I'm supposed to (phoned Wolfgang, got the poster, copied crashes tattoo etc), but the day won't complete. When I open the hints in the journal, it says about the snake in the museum attacking me (but I believe this doesn't happen until day 5. I would be grateful for any help. Thank you x

Signore Buchelli

Yes, the snake attack happens at day 5. Have you looked at Crash from Jackson Square Overlook (binoculars)?

Ultimately, you can review the actions of this walkthrough.

If you don't go forward, I have a lot of savegames.

The Eggjäger side of life is rewarding, ... sometimes


The journal confused me on Day 4 as well, for a different reason. I came back to the game after taking a break, and I couldn't remember what I needed to do to finish off that day. So I looked at the journal. The journal already had this entry:

...Which made me think I'd completed the clock puzzle, because that's how you learn that info. But it turns out I hadn't done it, and that's what I was missing to finish the day. Weird