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All hail the birthday of the Forum Emoticon God!

Started by Jeysie, August 15, 2004, 10:55:58 PM

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I still haven't had my birthday party--my birthday was in June!!


I haven't had a real birthday party since I was somewhere around 11 or so. Mainly because I have no friends to invite to a party (otherwise Harrison has admitted he would have throughly embarrassed me one or more of these years by throwing me a surprise party).

Peace & Luv, Liz


Well, I at least usually have a party with my family, and we eat the cake together and I get a few presents. I rarely have a birthday party that has more than 10 people involved. :P

Perhaps we'll do something fun once my dad gets back from his trip this week. ^^
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Usually, we do dinner and a movie.  Gifts are usually opened in the morning at the breakfast table.  lol...didn't do anything like that with my family this year because I was *gasp* kidnapped by my friends...but trust me, I don't mind!  Hope you get to have a great weekend with your family, Aaron!
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Yes, I know, two days late, so sue the person that didn't finish the script I needed.
Happy (belated) Birthday Aaron!!
About birthday parties, I can not recall ever having any, at least not big ones. And for my last birthday (leaving the 20's) it was just this household eating at a somewhat posh restaurant.
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