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KQ9 Highres Screenshots NOW AVAILABLE

Started by Webmaster, June 25, 2003, 10:24:19 PM

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The first highres screen shots from KQ9 first seen in last month's Inventory are now available in our screenshots section.


Kick ass!  I like how Grahamas panta ars NOT cyan.  And he's wearing a belt!  Now he looks more like a normal dude.

But how come we don't seen any screenshots featuring Rosella or Alex?  I wanted to see how cute Alex looks!
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Some comments on things that I didn't notice in low res.


- In all the King's Quest games I can think of, Graham had his shirt out of his pants, and the belt went around his shirt. Maybe I can rummage a screenshot later.

-It doesn't seem like there is much shading. Is there a light source in these images yet? Do you plan on having them? Graham doesn't cast a shadow on the ground, nor the trees, etc. I also think the shadows of those scary trees would add A LOT to the atmosphere. Just ideas.

GREAT WORK TEAM! You guys are rad. I had a feeling from the start that this team would succeed.


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Yeah!!  Those pics are great!  Keep up the good work people and please post more! :P

About that shirt thing, I noticed that too.  lol I thought either Graham had a less buff upperbody or his legs were longer!  I talked to Rich (the art director) about it and he said that they may lower the belt.  

I think there's some light sources.  I can see the light reflecting off King G. in the firebridge screenshot.  But a casting shadow would be kewl (not to mention complex, when it comes into contact with objects :P)
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don't worry, guys.

SFX and shadows still need to be added to those screens. Or do you think those oyster shore screens are going to be fogless ;)

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Looks cool! So what if Graham's shoulders are slightly asymmetrical? (j/k, j/k ;) )
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I luv them all!!!
but I like the most the could path one (the very first one there)
and the firebridge scene :), maybe because of the colors or position elements perhaps, I do think those two even as screenshot takes are alltogether very very nice.

the cloud path because you can get to see graham very nice, as well as how clean and lovely it all looks (the clouds, graham, etc)

and the firebridge because it is amazing the texturing work on the lava and the bridge

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I love these screenshots  ;D ;D

Though I did just notice Graham's arms seem kind of long in one of them, I think it was the ferry of dreams shot?

Is it just me? ???

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Nope, his hands reach his mid-thigh in all the screenshots.  Maybe it's because he's walking like a muscle-man there that they look longer. ;D
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