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Strange Head Flops

Started by Tighfield, July 20, 2017, 05:27:50 AM

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Ever since 2.0, I get strange head flops or getting up from a seat during conversations. Examples are: when Gabriel asks Mosely if he can ask questions, Gabriel is sprout up in his seat and back down. The artist in the park does this too and several times towards the end of the game it happens. As far as the head flops, it is completely random and is usually Gabriel. I love this game to death, but I think Grey Matter's game performance was better. Here's hoping Jane Jansen recreates Gabriel Knight 2! ;D


I got the same problem. Spinning heads, characters standing up/sitting down for no reason during conversations. Characters appearing though door. Gabriel sitting midair in Mosley's office.
I'm using PC version 2.01a from

Also broken textures when writing a message on the tomb.


Same here with the broken textures on the tomb. I'm using the Steam version of GK.

Makes me sad that there is no more support for this game. I haven't seen Jane Jansen post anything on Twitter, though Robert Holmes is still creating music on SoundCloud. So much for opening up the Sierra vault and remaking these games. :(