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Game breaking bug in Cognition Episode 2 iOS, can't get in to Director's office

Started by wordhopscotch, March 07, 2018, 09:36:06 PM

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I have gone through all the research and dialogue options leading up to Sully's research on the Wise Monkey case. I have also talked to John. I need to go into McAdams' office and ask for access to Sully's desk. But the door doesn't even show up as a hotspot when I long press or tap the Show Hotspots icon. I tapped and double tapped on the door but nothing happened. I'm only about 5 minutes in and I can't progress.


I have encountered the same bug. I went back and restarted and found what triggers this: after the Tess interrogation scene, the hotspot to enter McAdams office is there. However, if you go sit at your desk AND use the computer, the problem arises when you try to leave your desk: normally, you should see Erica stand up in the close up screen of your desk before going to the main screen of the station. Instead, Erica will remain seated, even on the main screen, and only stand up when you are already in the main screen and click on a place to walk. When that happens, the hotspot for the director's office will have disappeared, blocking any further progress.

So if you want to continue playing, you should restart (or restore to just after the Tess interrogation scene) and do not go use the computer at your desk (in any case not before going to talk to McAdams). Note that just sitting at the desk without using the computer does not seem to trigger the bug.

But of course this is a bug which should be taken care of - I sent a bug report for this last night, but am uncertain of whether it actually was sent (the program did not give any confirmation, and there is no way to check whether it was sent).