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Greetings... and a question

Started by scottrick49, September 14, 2004, 08:22:37 AM

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Greetings everybody,

I am Scott Atkins, a former member of the KQ9 music team.  I have been out of the loop for about a year now, and was just checking up on everything.  You may see me on the forums from time to time, now that I will not be as busy as I was before (the reason I left).  

Maybe Cesar or Mike can answer my question.  Why do you still have those old tracks up!  I haven't visited the site in a long while, and I come back today and see my first theme still up!  Those must have been put up close to 2002!  They are fine, but much better work has been done.  As somebody commented in one of the other threads, the Nightmary piece needs a synth makeover - and they are exactly right (I did the nightmary piece.  Really the first time I seriously used MIDI - and it shows).  It just seems like they are short-changing the music department by not putting up more recent work.  



Hey Scott!

Wow, first Kevin, and now you return!  :D

I have heard a bunch of nice stuff from the composers, but so far I think only one or two of the songs are final.  But the ones that are final won't be posted in their full entire form onto the site, because it would be a major spoiler. :suffer:

We may add more music clips to that page in the future, but in the mean time the music department is keeping their work private within the team.  :)
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awww... all those secrets  :( ::) ;-D

lol, welcome back Scott!!
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Deciding which pieces and exactly how much to post is kinda tough.  Since music will stay in your head much longer than an image or story-point we don't really want to give too much away.  The last thing we want is to have the player getting to an emotional point in the game and pausing, saying "hey i remember that from the site a year ago."
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Good point!

I personally would simply forget posting music altogether for that very reason, I mean, music is one of the great atmosphere builders in any piece and to spoil it in advance really would be a shame.

B'rrr; some personal themes of the characters have already been posted just in case you didn't know.
If you did, well your guess is as good as mine on the music of the game!
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