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3D Adventure Games

Started by Louisiana Night, September 14, 2004, 06:28:34 PM

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Louisiana Night

Many people on the forum, seem to think Adventure games are better in 2D(in most cases anyway). So I thought this would be a good thread, to name some of the better ones.

Shadow of Destiny, is one of my favorite Adventure games. It's 3D, and made by Konami(makers of Castlevania). Other than the fact that it's too easy, and it could have been FAR more interactive(it almost plays like, an interactive movie), I thought it was great.

At the beginning of the game, you're murdered. Your supposed to travel thru time, in order to stop the killer. I'd say more about the game, except I wouldn't want to give the story away.


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The full 3D stuff worked well in the Tex Murphy series. It has its merits.  8)

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Jafar, Boy of Destiny has not played many 3d adventures, but thinks that some can be just as good as a 2d adventure.
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