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Started by Kelly Callahan, October 22, 2004, 11:04:08 AM

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Kelly Callahan

KQ9 OMFDFG. o_O.. Um.. *puts on her coherency glasses*

Sorry about that. o_O;; I'm SUCH a fan of KQ6 + 7. I'm glad that some commited people are trying to efface the stain that MoE has left on the KQ series. Note, I didn't say KQ8-- It WASN'T. They really blew it on that...

...*looks at the name of this topic area*

You guys are doing GREAT. From the pictures and music I've seen, it should be awesome.

Being that I only got into the games at the advent of KQ6 and that I'm a spoiled child of the new computer age, I can't really play the older KQ games.. 5 was hard due to the interface and things... thus, I don't know all the characters that well... 6, in my opinion was the best. Seven was a close second, but only because it didn't take itself *QUITE* seriously enough.

I *love* it that you appear to be taking 6 and 7, putting them on a block, and SMASHING THEM TOGETHER. ...With advanced programming and stuff, not just with a hammer. o_O;;

I'm starting to ramble, so I'll quit soon.

Anyone know if 6 or 7 will ever be modified to work on XP? Also, a source of the games? The only ones for sale now are from Ebay for $70+.  I know people say it will work on xp if you put it in compadibility mode for 95, but it still doesn't work. ._.

...Argh. I've posted things in a section that they don't belong. I hope I can be forgiven. o_o
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Louisiana Night

Welcome Kelly! :)

You might be glad to know, that calling MoE the eighth in the series, is censored on these forums. :P

Here are a few threads you might want to take a look at. They'll probably answer most of your KQ questions. 8)

KQ compatibility

Welcome Thread

Making KQs work with XP...

King's Quest and XP

The Official KQ3VGA Thread(the remake has not been finished yet)

and here's a link you might want to look at.

AGD Interactive(freeware remakes of the first two KQ games)

Note: I've never had trouble getting KQ6-7 working in XP. :-\


welcome kelly!!  :D hope you like it here!!
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Welcome Kelly!  ;D

Thanks for the feedback! :D  I would also say this game also has a bit of KQ5 mashed in too, since Graham is a main character along with Alex & Rosella.  8)
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Hello Kelly! :D

I love the intro, I'm glad to see a hardcore fan join the forums! ;D
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