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Started by sivvrianBARRY, October 31, 2004, 06:01:52 PM

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For some reason my Firewall blocked an "attack" from this site. Now I can't get here without turning off my firewall. I'm running Norton Personal Firewall if that helps. How can I fix this problem?


Go into your Norton IS settings and find the rule/settings for this site... then remove that rule.

This site wont attack you.... lmao...  it might have been one of those flash adverts on the forums?  Cause they don't even load for me, they dont appear at all.   ;)
Which is good, cause all I get is forum, and none of those big flash signs.   8)


Yeah I've never gotten the flash banners and stuff while running Norton either, but this was the first "attack" I've ever got  ;D.

Thanks Grundy.


That's really odd.  What sort of attack was it?  I know some people's avatars trigger off cookie creation (i.e. lycos), but I've never heard of the site attacking people, lol.  ::)
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lol, maybe it picked up a spoon and started to poke him ? :P

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whaaaa!! *panics*

they are trying to hack us  :o :o
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