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Neverending Nights - Machinima.

Started by Tawmis, November 20, 2004, 04:31:38 PM

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Hail and well met travelers!

I'd like to invite you to a sneak peek at a new machinima project being done by a friend and I. It's entitled: NEVERENDING NIGHTS.

Wow! So, imagine my surprise when Adam calls me tonight, saying he was digging around for some better capture software, and ended up on and much to his surprise... saw something about a Neverwinter Nights machinima... And when he clicked on the link... they were talking about ours!

So now we even got "street cred" (as Adam would say) over on:


The promo video for it (which uses the NWN video intro also) can be found here:

Neverending Nights: Promo

Neverending Nights Promo - on NWVault. (Link)


Neverending Nights: Trailer. - (26.1 Megs) - The Trailer uses the original NWN intro movie, and with some slight modifications, is used to promote Neverending Nights. (Right Click and Save)

Neverending Nights: Episode 1: Heroes?!

Neverending Nights, Episode 1: Heroes?! on NWVault! (Link)


Neverending Nights, Episode 1: Heroes?! - (25.1 Megs) -  is the first official episode of the machinima project! (Right Click and Save)

Neverending Nights: Episode 2: 20k?!

Episode 2: 20k?! on NWVault! (Link)

Neverending Nights, Episode 2: 20k?! - (11.6 Megs) - Our heroes are down on their luck and need some extra money... and also over hear something about... a dragon? (Right Click and Save)

Neverending Nights: Episode 3: Come On Baby, Light My Fire

Episode 3: Come On Baby, Light My Fire on NWVault! (Link)

Neverending Nights, Episode 3: Come On Baby, Light My Fire -(37.9 Megs) - Our would be heroes venture beyond the city walls and into the woods...! (Right Click and Save)

Neverending Nights: Episode 4: A Walk In The Woods.

Neverending Nights: Episode 4: A Walk In The Woods. (38.3 Megs) and 3:44 (Right Click And Save) - Our heroes try to make their way through the woods... and find it's not as easy as they had hoped!

We're looking for comments, criticisms (constructive, please), and suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


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Not that I think anyone here is checking it out (since no one has replied) - but just an FYI... Neverending has gone live...


Episode 5: Ye Salty Dog! (Right Click and SAVE AS...) is now available! Running 4 minutes as 12 seconds, this one weighs in at 46.6 megs! One of our longest, and biggest ones yet! This one brings our heroes into the small village of Galana, where they meet a rather interesting... salt vendor?! And also - they research how to 'look like heroes'... Check it out!


I might take a peek... :D

Have to finish up the last of my stuff though. ;P
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If ye take a look, lemme know! :) Love feedback!


Just finished editing Episode 6! :) On the site we're up to the final version of Episode 4 being released! The previous videos along with the out takes for Episode One are all available on the site! So feel free to head there and check'em out! And more so, feel free to pass the word to anyone you think might enjoy the series!


While there seems to be no interest here about this... What the heck, might as well update it.

If you haven't already, feel free to check out our site and forum...

We were just featured in the PC GAMER UK magazine, and also all 5 episodes were pulled together to make one long video, with an exclusive video made for PC GAMER UK to intro it all - all nicely stashed onto the CD that comes with the magazine.

Also, on the site, all the episodes are available for download, including some out takes that I recently cut together and made available.

So feel free to swing by and check it out.


Heh, I should give up talking about it here, shouldn't I? :) Still no replies.

Anyway - paint me stupid. Here I am to talk about it some more.

On the site, there's a special Valentine's Day episode that many should enjoy. Also, finished editing Episode 7, that should be up this weekend. And the big news, Bioware, the makers of the game we use, well they got in contact with me - and needless to surprise, next month, there's going to be a very fun surprise! :)


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Awesome! Probably be about 45 minutes of your time! :)

Episode 7 is available for download now also. And I don't know if you downloaded the two SideQuests - one for our appearance in the PC GAMER magazine, and one as a Valentine's Day Special. And of course, there's also the Out Take Vol. 2 (don't worry about Vol 1, it's lame compared to Vol. 2 and Vol. 2 has the stuff from Vol. 1 in it)


Well I have laid low bringing updates here because of our bandwidth woes. After being mentioned in the Bioware Newsletter, we tripled our bandwidth max (which was 80 gigs). So I haven't said much here, trying to let the bandwidth kind of even out. But... some updates...

The filming for Episode 9 is now also complete (but still needs to edited... naturally, after Episode 8 is edited... and speaking of Episode 8...)

Episode 8 is nearly complete, and will probably be available soon. It will probably be available off the mirror site exclusively for bandwidth purposes (for the time being, till we make it into next month).

Also, this weekend we recorded Episode 11... which Adam, Paul and myself all think that this will be a "fan favorite" for the series. And the best part? Episode 11 doesn't even really star Grayson... Peter... or Paul... but introduces three new "heroes" (if you will). I can not tell you how much fun we had recorded this episode...

We still need to film Episode 10 and 11... and that will put us ahead for a little while.

The reaction to us being in the Bioware Newsletter has been overwhelming! It's given us a ton more exposure (naturally if we have tripled our bandwidth limit of 80 gigs, right?)... And because of those bandwidth woes, we opened up a Neverending Nights Paypal account... where donations will go towards the website's bandwidth... recording studio equipment... etc etc.

Also if anyone is going to E3, look for us there! (Well, we won't have a booth... but Adam, myself and Chris [who plays Eric the Elongated in Episode 9]... and we're working on getting Paul [who plays, aduh, Paul the Dwarf] the pass we need - will be at E3 roaming around)! And if ye see us and wanan smack us, say hello, or whatever - feel free to!

Also thinking of opening up a Cafepress store as well... both for advertising purposes... and to make a dollar here and there - again all to pay for that crazy bandwidth.

Before - every day we averaged about 1 to 2 gigs... So the closest we ever really got was using about 65 gigs of 80gigs...

Since the Bioware Newsletter - our average seems to be sitting at 3 to 3.5 gigs every day... (So even if ye take 3 gigs x 30 days = 90 gigs - which still goes over our bandwidth)!

So we will probably be doing a few things when Episode 10 comes out...

1. We will cut it down to make it only 5 Episodes available for download, and we will rotate through them. (So for example, when we release Episode 10, probably Episodes 6 thru 10 will be available... then around Episode 15, it will be like Episodes 1 thru 4, plus Episode 15, etc etc).

2. We're going to offer low-res versions of the video. Because, let's face it - we don't have the mad following that folks like Rooster Teeth have. So not everyone is all into having Hi-Res versions of our videos. Some would be content - and probably more than happy, for that matter - to have low-res versions, as they just may wanna watch it and delete it (and this would provide quicker downloads).

So between low-res versions, limited videos available, mirror sites, paypal donations, and opening a NeN store soon... I am hoping that everything balances out. :-)

Wonder who has done what voices (or who will be doing what voices in upcoming episodes) - check out the Cast & Credits link.

In the future (when Adam has the time since he's the PHP master, and I am the html master) - the link will be available from the main page!


I think that's it for now.


I finally got a chance to watch em all, funny stuff! :D It's a bit tricky for me to make out the voices sometimes, but then I'm hearing impaired so that's understandable. ;)

And yes, I watched the outtakes too. XD
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Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out!!! :)

And you even suffered through the out takes...!!

A few more episodes have been released since I last mentioned it here... Episode 8 and 9 are available (I will provide direct links if anyone's interested... otherwise ye can find them on the site itself easily, or even on our forum)


Just to update this... we're now on Episode 11 being available for download if anyone is even interested  ???


Including some additional videos and items from the previous update - so here it is all lumped together! has been kind of enough to make QUICKTIME versions of our video and offered to host them through streaming methods...

For your benefit, I shall link them here:

Something cool for you MAC users out there who have not downloaded the Mac version of Windows Media Player. The kind folks of have made streaming quicktime versions of our videos for us!

So for your benefit, I shall link them here:

Neverending Nights: Promo Video.

Neverending Nights - Episode 1: Heroes?!

Neverending Nights - Episode 2: 20k!

Neverending Nights - Episode 3: Come On Baby, Light My Fire.

Neverending Nights - Episode 4: A Walk In The Woods

Neverending Nights - Episode 5: Ye Scurvy Dog! (Salt, Salt for Sale!)

Neverending Nights - Episode 6: He's A Magic Man

Neverending Nights - Episode 7: Things That Make You Go... Boom?

Neverending Nights - Episode 8: On Borrowed Gold.

Neverending Nights - Episode 9: It's Not The Size...

Neverending Nights - Episode 10: Racial Benefits.

Neverending Nights - Episode 11: Deep, Dark, Revenge (This is how we Roll)

Neverending Nights - PC GAMER UK SideQuest

Neverending Nights - V-DAY SideQuest

All of these videos can also be downloaded at our site: Neverending

Some Silly Additional Stuff:

My Immortal â€" NeN Version â€" Video done using Neverwinter Nights to make a video for the Evanessence song.

Home Sweet Home â€" Goblin Version â€" You’ve seen (and heard!) the goblins from Episode 10 and more so, Episode 11. Here’s their version of Motley Crue’s song “Home Sweet Home.”

Adam Doesn’t Know â€" A quick test video made after installing the CEP (Community Expansion Pack) and showing off the “roof.” In the original NWN game, there was no roof for interior areas. The CEP introduces a chance to use a roof. (Something Adam and I had wanted, since we didn’t care for the black void above everyone’s head in all the inns we used). The Song is called “Scotty Doesn’t Know” â€" from the movie “Eurotrip” (forgive me, I can’t seem to remember the actual name of the band who sings the song right now).

Out Takes Volume 2 â€" This is a pretty monster sized file. (Have not got around to resizing it), but it has the original out takes (from episodes 1 thru 3), plus all the out takes from episode four through episode six. I tried to make the video match the audio as much as I could for this â€" but it’s difficult when it’s all out takes!

Bioware Weds and Nen â€" Probably the hightlight of NeN’s magic â€" this is a zip file that has a DOC, PDF and JPG image of Bioware’s interview with Adam and I. I am working on getting permission (now that the issue is like five months old!) of getting scans of our mention in PC GAMER UK back in Jan 2005.

And I think that’s it for now…


There used to be a thread here about it - and I dug through 3 or 4 pages, before coming to the conclusion - even if I did find it - it's all old and out dated information because that thread was posted so long ago!

So - I present you a new thread on an old topic - with more... updated info! Prepare for a long ramble...

Well, I figure I might as well blab about it here. (I don't think I have previously...)

Anyway - this might interest some people. Others may wanna beat me over the head. :D

My friend and I do a machinima (hold on, I will explain that in a minute!) called "Neverending Nights" based off of Neverwinter Nights from BIOWARE. Now, some of you are asking, "What is machinima?"

Essentially machinima is when you use a game engine and capture (and control) the video to make a video of some kind: whether a skit, a music video, or an on going series. The best known machinima out there, without a doubt is RedvsBlue which uses the HALO game engine.

Now, my friend (Adam) and I wanted to do something else. When RvB took off which such success - it seemed like everyone and their mother wanted to do a machinima - and all of them seemed to be based off HALO (thanks to RvB). So when Adam and I decided we wanted to try our hand at this - we wanted something different to stand out. So we used Neverwinter Nights.

Our first five episodes are nothing short, of perhaps, horrible. We were just learning how to do it (the video resolution is horrid, the audio quality is pretty bad, the writing and acting was stiff). But as we moved on, we fell into the groove of how it works, and we have done things (and spent money!) to upgrade and improve the series. We went from using PC mics, to using a karoke machine running through the PC (yeah, weird but it had superior quality sound over standard pc mics), then we moved to building an actual sound proof booth inside Adam's garage, spending 100 bucks per mic (one for each side of the booth), and bought an analogue/digital coverter to increase sound performance. All of this happened around Episode 10. So from there, you can hear the audio improv (not to mention, I got much better at editing audio and video). By Episode 11, we had a new way to capture the video, and had better control of everything, essentially. So from Episode 11 on we climbed in performance in every way - from writing, acting, editing, quality, you name it.

So - where the heck can you find our stuff?

You can head to our website, and from there you can read the Character Profiles I recently uploaded, you can see the cast listing for each episode, you can join our forums, check out some fan art that's been done, you can check out our online store for various loot... and of course, you can check out the videos that started it all.

And while, I say our first five episodes do "suck" as we strived to learn - I think one should still watch them, as it does set up the story and the characters. (Episode 17 is probably my personal favorite... though people seem to love the goblins from Episode 11).

We've met with some surprising "success" as we have done this. PC GAMER UK got a hold of us and did a small write up on us and included the first five episodes on their DVD for the magazine (plus a special episode we did for PC GAMER UK once they contacted us!), Bioware - the folks who made Neverwinter Nights - interviewed Adam and I on their site about our series, we have been linked in several tutorials on Bioware's site (here, here, here, and here.), and Adam and I even flew out to New York (from San Diego) because we were nominated for the 2005 Machinima Film Festival.

Phew. Okay.

Clearly I need to get into the publicity business... :)

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