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Half Life 2

Started by daventry, December 09, 2004, 10:29:19 AM

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??? I have Half Life 2 and i've installed the game and registered and did everything the installation told me to do.

??? Now, where's the Game. I entered my CD Key but it say's i already did. Where, it's the first time that i'm putting in my CD Key.

:'( I'm not even sure what i'm doing and i'm wasting an awful lot of money on the Internet witch is costing me even more then the Game i bought.

??? I'm trying to find the Game and play it offline like it say's on my little paper manual.

>:( Is this gonna be the new way of playing games on the Internet, because i don't get this.

??? I mean, i read that you buy the Game witch has to be played on the Internet and that you buy the same Game without using the Internet or something like that.

Louisiana Night

All I know, is that HL2 uses Steam(so it requires an internet connection).

Other than that... no idea. :-\

One important question... did you buy it in SA, or is it imported? ???


I bought it in South Africa, i was going to buy it in the UK when i'm going on Holiday.

Louisiana Night

Then I have no idea what the problem is. Sorry. :-\


I hope u got HL2 working Daventry :) if you didnt, well...

here's some HL2 cookies to cheer u up :D


this is like the worst place to ask about how to make  Half Life 2 work :)

Cesar Bittar
Phoenix Online


I could help, I just got it :P.....No problems here, besides the normally sssllloowww Steam updates  >:(!!


*wonders if HL2 is any good* ;P
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errr I got about halfway through and gave up :P

Went and played CS: Source and never looked back  ;D

Probably will go back to HL2 with the upcoming release of Lost Coast  :)