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Started by Louisiana Night, September 17, 2004, 08:35:30 AM

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Louisiana Night

Considering the results I get, when I write a poem, I think I'll just add an old useless one(took 5 seconds). :P

Nobody's up early
Nobody's up late
That is the cause
Of my saddened state :'(

See? Fit the Useless Thread perfectly. ;D

*waits for the first poem to be posted, and wonders how long this thread will last*


Well, I'll help ya out...

Taken from the General Chat thread:

"Oh, Down Yonder" by James Ingram

Oh, down yonder in the fields
The people were frolicking
Out playing a game

Missing their clothes they were
Naked, for everyone to see
But it still seemed tame

Soccer was the game of choice
But I was in England
So Football was its name.
Just look at me,
I'm living proof that,

- from Time Heals Nothing by Danko Jones


The sunsets, as day fades into night
Yellow shining bright, now faded from the sky
A white circle rises through the sky

A cold breeze blows, rain begins to drop
Plants thrive, pavment grows cold
Dirt overthrown by mud

Folk grow tired, fall asleep
Leave the night behind
Wake up to another day

That was crap :-\, but i was bored and thought it would be good to join the hype :P
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This little piece of silliness came into my head one day when I was looking at a pet shop window. I'm not sure it's original - I think I might have heard something similar before. Anyways, it translated reasonably well so here goes.

Please buy me
A soft little bunny today
And when it dies
Lie to me
Say it ran away

I like the subtle symmetry of it :P
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Drunken Chinchilla

A year has passed since that day,
When you finally admitted defeat,
Your pain no more and your suffering negated,
You rested â€" in peace.

I don’t blame you or God or Satan,
I don’t blame phone masts or radiation,
It’s just one of those things that happens like that,
But it doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop wanting you back.

Little artefacts that remind me of you,
Seem to be strategically placed in my view,
To always remind me of the love you gave,
To always remind me of you.

So…how do I carry on with my life, when life won’t let me be?

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Waiting to be free
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This is a short poem I wrote when I was seven. I am a prolific poet--but most of my poems are really long.


By L.M. Marshall

I close my eyes and dream.
I dream of light, changing and dimming all around me.
I open my eyes,
And I see the light of our sun,
The light of a glow far away,
But this is not really what light is.
Light is love inside love,
And the happiness between you and me.

Hope you liked it! :)
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the yellow dot by MATTANDALEX

i sit and think about the yellow dot
i think and think and think alot
about the dot that intrests me
it may be the thing to set me free
free from being lost for long
as i sing this sing-a-long

this is the worst poem ever :stabs:
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Quote from: MATTANDALEX on July 07, 2005, 11:58:53 AMas i sing this sing-a-long

this is the worst poem ever :stabs:
That's probably why it's a sing-a-long. 8)
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Quote from: copycat on July 08, 2005, 04:13:08 PM
Quote from: MATTANDALEX on July 07, 2005, 11:58:53 AMas i sing this sing-a-long

this is the worst poem ever :stabs:
That's probably why it's a sing-a-long. 8)
the joke was that the dot was the boincing dot from sing-a-longs :P :stabs:
Ski is my life blood


lol !!!

*starts making a poem but deletes it before posting*

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