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What is so terribly wrong? :(

Started by Luisa, January 31, 2005, 09:27:11 AM

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As you may see from my post number, I'm new to this forum. Yesterday, I wrote my first posts in several topics. One of this was in this forum and it was an important question about a problem I had. I also changed my profile a little.

Today, I don't see any of my posts and my profile is reset as well. (There were some answers to my posts which proves that the posts have actually been submitted)

I know this might sound extremely stupid but this is not the first forum I visit but the first one, that makes it this hard for a new user. Please don't get me wrong, I would like to stay here, that's why I ask for help ...



There was a weird glitch and everything from sunday (Posts, profile changes) was undone.
There's more info here.
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Ok, I hope they'll restore it as they said ...
Why did it had to happen on my first day here? Can anybody have so much bad luck?  :'(

Anyway, thanks. Let's hope it won't happen today again ...


I'm sorry you feel like you're having bad luck.  Don't worry...stuff like this doesn't usually happen.  But we did have a couple days over the summer that the forum was dead and about two days of posts were totally lost.

Ok...that wasn't very comforting, was it?  *sigh*  I guess I'm just trying to say that Neil and all the other people who help keep up the forum do a great job and are on the ball when stuff goes wrong.  And even if our posts don't re-appear, you're still a member of the KQ9 community and we welcome you! :)
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Hello Louisa,

It turns out yesterday's posts are gone forever. :-\  They did some massive server maintenance without backing up everything, and now there are even more things messed up than the forum.  I asked them to notify me in the future before they perform maintenance so that I can get a chance to backup the databases, in case something like this happens again.

I'm not sure if you saw my response yesterday, but I said that I did modify your profile to the e-mail address you requested, and sent you an e-mail manually saying that it was now changed.  Both of the e-mails bounced back.  That explains why you never received a password or a response from me.  

All I can suggest is to continue to use the e-mail address you are right now, or get a free web-based one like Hotmail or Yahoo.
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@ Yonkey:
I see. (Unfortunately, I didn't read your reply on Sunday anymore.) It's ok, I'll keep the adress I now have, maybe I can redirect them automatically.

@ koko:
thanks for the comfort ;) and for welcoming me.

And thanks for all your help. :)