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Started by Mary Jane, December 31, 2004, 07:06:22 PM

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Mary Jane

I was wondering if any one of these computer experts among us knows anything about sprite animation, and if you can you please instruct me. Thanks in advance.
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I've never heard of sprite animation before :P

I've done a google search, maybe that might help

Mary Jane

Thanks, theres some stuff there that should help.  I'll see what I can get out of it.

Edit: I've already found something that looks promising.
She's back. She's proud. She will overcome!
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I thought sprites were just 2d, frame based animation. Starcraft units being an example.

...I suppose my expert advice is a little late in coming... (7 days late, actually.) Ah well, better late than never.  ::)

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Sprite animation is easy... just draw all the frames it goes through...  ::)
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