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Hmm...a new idea

Started by KatieHal, March 06, 2003, 10:30:18 AM

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I'm really looking forward to the voice actor auditions and recordings.  It will be lots of fun.  And since Mike Fortunato has a lot of stage experience both as an actor and director it should be very interesting to see how things develop. :D
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well but the truth is mike is not the only actor on the team, which got me a bit on the expectation to see which one else talented from the team is willing to participate on this :)

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I kinda wanted to try out for some parts if they sounded good :P  But I don't live anywhere near NYC ::)

Are you guys only taking voices from the try outs there or will there be some spots available for people online to try out?
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Yeah, it seems only rich folk will be able to go to NYC. I've only been there once on a class trip, and I live in Virginia, and it's far away / too costly to go to. But I am a pretty decent singer, and I have taken two full years of Drama...
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