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weirdness from china

Started by Cez, May 18, 2005, 08:55:33 PM

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some Sudan guy called Muhammed something went to a lot of fairs in china and gave his business card to a lot of chinese people.

His business card had MY MSN email on it.

Now I'm getting 11.000 chinese guys and girls contacting me about doing business.


This is JUST what I needed.

Cesar Bittar
Phoenix Online


LMAO!  :suffer:

Well, just do what I told you and fight fire with fire!  If they start spamming you with door locks and wires, start spamming them with links to KQIX screenshots and media. :P
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Heh... I've been handing out cards with Cesar's MSN address on it that say:

FOR A GOOD TIME, E-MAIL: [Cesar's E-mail]

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Why in the world did his business card have your MSN addy on it??

But maybe, after you spam them with KQ links, you should start spamming them with obscure, from the Weird Links to the Whenever thread :P
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Catherine DaCosta


The poor people of China. :P But that is pretty hilarious! XD Do you read Chinese?
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 :) ;) :D ;D
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hahahaha how cool! Well obviously not for you, but for us  ;D

Maybe he was a KQ9 fan and thought about doing a little bit of geurilla promotion? Hehe i can picture KQ9 street teams now!
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Maybe I should do that around here XD

For a good time eh?  ;B

Seriusly, that "spam them back with kqix stuff" is a pretty food idea  ::)

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