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Broken Saints

Started by Petter Holmberg, March 06, 2005, 06:04:08 PM

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Petter Holmberg

Just out of curiosity, since my collector's DVD set arrived a few days back...

How many of you guys have taken part of the hugely popular, global Internet phenomenon, known as Broken Saints?

Some of you may ask "What is Broken Saints?"

Let me explain:

Broken Saints is a non-profit project that has grown to huge proportions (not all that unlike KQIX, although still at a bigger scale, hehe) and spread across the globe through word of mouth like wildfire.

Simply put, it's a new form of storytelling on the Internet. Think of a graphic novel, only you put it online and make it animated, with background music and sound effects, but still speech bubbles for the characters. It's all made in Flash. Kind of like a hybrid between animated cartoon and comic book. It's made by three guys from Canada, and you can watch all 24 parts of it for free online. The parts vary between a few minutes and almost an hour. Note though that you cannot pause them, so make sure you're not disturbed when you watch it.

The thing that's made it so hugely popular is the fantastic story. It's deeply philosophical, encompassing all sorts of religious issues and so on, and has a very sophisticated horror/sci-fi:ish plot that simply blows your mind! It revolves around four characters from "the quiet corners of the globe" (it's one of their taglines) that has a strange and unexpected connection. It's an enigmatic orphaned white girl brought up on a beautiful island somewhere around Fiji, a Shinto priest from Japan, a mercenary from Iraq and a computer programmer living in the United States. They are mysteriously brought together by a high-tech conspiracy story that threatens the entire world. The story arc is very slow at the beginning, leaving you with lots of unanswered questions (such as "Why am I watching this?") but it then escalates into a truly epic conclusion that beats most commercial things you've ever seen! It's got quite a cult following. Many people here are bound to have seen it already. :)

The rest of you should not waste any time: Check it out and find out what all the buzz is about. You'll thank me afterwards! :D