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My song

Started by sivvrianBARRY, February 24, 2005, 02:51:48 PM

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Hey everyone, just wanted to show off a song I created last summer ;D


Nice!  But you posted in the wrong forum.  I've now moved it to the right place.  :)
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Thanks Yonkey! Yeah I seem to have remembered some fan-made songs not having to do w/ KQ9 in the music forum for some reason, but I guess those were moved too.


wow I loved the first part of it, it's like... omg so... mysterious? so intriguing or something like that <3

then the other part reminded of a manga game ;P but nice indeed, all techno like!

*tries to dance to the techno/pop part*

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FUN!  ;D

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 :) Thanks everyone for your kind words.

I played the piano part myself, as well as the electric violin (the interlude between piano and techno). The rest (all the drums, techno) I created in a program called Fruity Loops. Of course, I composed everything myself ;D

It's fun to brag every once in a while ;)


Sounds good!

I have kinda used Fruity Loops before, never had a really good go at it :-\
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I like the main melody in the piano part, pretty catchy!
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