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Wow...another fan made game

Started by sivvrianBARRY, February 27, 2005, 03:46:57 PM

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I just stumbled across this:

It was closed down. It's a real shame, what they did looks incredible. A cautionary tale for the KQ9 team, to be sure.


How sad!!  :( And I've never even played a Chrono game...
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Ryan Yoo

The team have been aware of that project, and its cancellation, for some time.  (In fact I brought it to their attention last year).  I know we were all really impressed by the team's amazing work.
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Hmm, the union between the KQ IX team appears to be too strong for it to disintegrate into nothing, no matter what happens (short of a deliberate attempt to sabotage the project, which is rather unlikely...I hope!)  ;)
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Yeah, it's probably unlikely for KQ9 to be cancelled.
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That team didn't break up....their game was shut down by Square/Enix. I just brought it up because they were shut down after they had made tons of progress, just like this team has made tons of progress.

I'm pretty sure that team is still together, making another game, just like this team would probably stay together.